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Darius Ng - Star Performers 2017

Hi, I’m Darius Ng

I’ve been a real estate agent in Singapore since 2011.

I started working with HDB upgraders and private property home owners to grow their assets through various financing techniques, sound investment strategies, and ultimately choosing the right property.

Before I became a real estate agent, I was a regular in the Air Force for about 10 years.

The desire to increase my income and provide a better life for my family pushed me to leave a secure and safe job to become self-employed.

Strong Focus on the East Coast Area (District 15)

I have devoted a large part of my career focusing on Singapore’s East Coast area and had the chance to work with many seasoned investors.

Throughout these years, I have learnt many valuable real-life lessons from them which led me to what I do and where I am today.

My goal is to empower more people to make more informed decisions regarding property planning and asset accumulation by sharing of my experiences and case studies.

My Proven Track Record

Over the years, I worked with various clients from different backgrounds to help them achieve their financial goals by using property as a means to accumulate their retirement nest egg.

By making strategic decisions on their property choices, my clients have secured sizable 7-figure wealth even when they started from a humble HDB.

More than 12 years of experience

I’ve been an active agent who has been serving clients from various backgrounds. I am also mentoring and coaching a team of agents at Darius Ng Division.

More Than 300+ Transactions Completed

The number of transactions is an indicator of the volume of deals I have brokered over the years – whether buying or selling.

Helped More than 50+ Upgrading Families

For some families who have chosen property as their investment vehicle and understand the value of upgrading – I helped them to make the critical property choices.

I grew up in a family that had to declare bankruptcy

My family went through a period of bankruptcy during my growing up years due to the failure of our family business.

I had to give up my interest and dreams.

The most urgent matter on my mind after completing my diploma was to find a job to supplement the needs of my family.

That was my main motivation on why I signed on with the Air Force.

Because of these growing up experiences, I’m very aware of what a family has to go through due to financial hardship as a result of poor investments or business decisions. It gets tough on the children as well.

I am highly aware that your property decisions are not matters to take lightly. That’s why I am here to provide direction and guidance on these critical issues.

My greatest desire is to see parents being able to provide an environment where their children are able to pursue their passion and dreams (which can sometimes be costly).

But also allowing us parents to take good care of ourselves is during retirement.

As I drove my daughter to her ballet competition rehearsal…I can’t help but count my blessings and thank God. She is…

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