Past Transactions

Over the years, I have built up an extensive track record of selling both HDB and private properties in various locations around Singapore. Some are sold at record high prices while some are sold rather quickly.

Here are some of my highlighted transactions over the years.

The Courtyard – 3-bedder Unit Sold in 21 Days

As this unit was tenanted, our job included negotiating a “break lease” with the current tenant as the buyer preferred to buy as vacant possession.

Blk 282B Sengkang HDB – Sold in 21 Days

The owner was actually around to observe how we actually do up the video tour and very amazed by the professionalism and our effort in doing up the video tour and marketing of the unit.

We also assisted the owner with a customised upgrading proposal and purchase of their next property.

Flamingo Valley Ground Floor Unit – Sold in 20 Days

While it is not uncommon for ground floor unit with huge patio to take a longer time to sell, we managed to sell this ground floor patio was sold at a record price within 20 days of marketing.

Really appreciated this opportunity to work with Daniel and his family on this upgrading process.

The chance to be able to sit down, understand them and really go into their lives.

Why? So we can really find out what they really needed and wanted.

This allowed us to customize a proposal that works really well for them – something that fitted into exactly how they live.

And at the same time – being able to find a property option that has a good chance of appreciation.

It is really opportunities like this that will help me become more sensitive to the needs of my clients.

Once again, a big thank you to Daniel and family.

It has been a great pleasure and privilege to know you guys and be able to work closely with you and your family.

This is exactly what we aspire to do for all our clients.

We do not just ask our clients to sell their property for the sake of selling.

We believe that every move should bring them closer to their dream…a dream home for the family as well as an asset to bring them closer to their financial aspiration.

Blk 271B Punggol – Sold Above Valuation

Assisted the owner with their journey to grow their asset by selling their current HDB and purchase of their next home.

Blk 470B Upper Serangoon Crescent – Sold in 17 Days

Blk 416B Fernvale Link – Sold in 18 Days

Sold Above Valuation in 7 Days

CCK Flat – Sold Above Valuation

Sold In 19 Days

Sold In 7 Days

And many more…

Why Engage Me

Get The Right Advice For Your Property

As a Team Leader leading my Division, I am responsible to equip my team members with the most updated training. As such, I have to spend hundreds of hours doing research with complex analytical tools,

My goal? So my clients and my team is able to benefit from cutting-edge knowledge and be updated on what is happening on the ground.

I am here to ensure you are getting the right advice for your property. 

Be Sure You Made The Right Decision

With 10 years of being a consistent top producer in the property industry, this means I have gone through different market cycles.

I have developed an ability to understand your needs and come up with the most appropriate solution that will not just meet your current needs but more importantly, take you forward. 

I have noticed many times what a consumer thinks is the best choice is actually in fact detrimental to themselves.

This is mostly due to to the average consumer’s lack of context and knowledge.

Let me work out with you to find the best possible options.

It is highly possible that these options might not even be something you have thought of. You can reap the benefits from my years of experience.

Cutting Edge and Traditional Marketing  

Apart from the conventional marketing through various property web portals, SMS, classified advertisements etc, I will also run Facebook campaigns to reach out to the right target audience who may potentially be looking for a property that matches yours.

It has so far proven to be effective and I have managed to sell some of the properties within days.

Prepare Your Home to Impress  

The best chance of getting a good price is when your buyer fall in love with your property. My professional Home Staging ID team will dress up your property for viewings.

This will ensure that we showcase your property in the best possible light to impress your potential buyers.

Closing the Deal

Some owners may have experienced lots of viewings for their property but received no offers or very low offers. This is likely due to a failure to establish a strong connection with the buyer and effectively engage them.

I have confidence in my strong ability to build good rapport and connection with the buyer.

Why? Because I genuinely will take the time to understand their needs and what they are looking for.

This make it easy for all parties to negotiate and find common ground – which will result in a closing process that all parties are happy with.

Satisfied Clients and Their Testimonials

“We tried selling our 2-bedroom condo since two years ago. In the process, we encountered mostly passive property agents, resulting in low number of viewers and no offers. Not wanting to waste more time and opportunities, we reached out to Darius.

This proves to be our best decision! Darius is efficient, effective, and confident.

He sold our place within 7 days at a record price in a slow market. We are most impressed and grateful.”

– George & Yun

“We were initially looking to upgrade from our DBSS to a 4 bedder unit in East Coast and got to know Darius during viewings. Unlike other agents, he took time to understand our needs, financial position and objectives.

After having a good understanding of what we want and can afford, he suggested that if we can settle for a 3+study, we could in fact invest in another property to optimise our financial return and generate passive income.

Eventually, he sold our DBSS within just a few weeks, got us a nice 3+study sea view unit in East Coast and another property in Jurong to benefit from the massive transformation there.

Really like to thank Darius for his different perspective and ability to communicate his view. It is amazing how we could achieve so much more with the same amount of funds when we work with an agent who knows how to maximise it yet well within our means.”

– Brennan

“We really didn’t expect that what started off as a curiosity when we saw Darius Facebook advertisement will eventually upgrade us from our HDB to a Freehold penthouse within 3 mins walk from MRT, our dream home. Darius helped us understand how a right asset progression plan can help our family create wealth to meet the needs of our children education and also our retirement.

He showed us how it is possible to systematically grow our assets well within the risk level we are able to handle, without stretching us financially.

Throughout the process, he will always explained to us all the details, warned us of any potential hiccups and ensure we know what we are doing. His amazing ability to negotiate, advance our interest and work with other agents, buyer, lawyers and developer ensured that things worked out as planned. His proposal is well thought and well executed.”

– Darren and Alice

“I was about to commit to another property when Darius brought my attention to Sanctuary Green and Water Place.

I eventually invested in a unit at Sanctuary Green through him. He is sound and knowledgeable in analysing various properties for comparison.

He is very enthusiastic and patient in showing me units he felt is “good buy”.

He managed to convince me by highlighting that my CPF balance can fully finance the unit for at least 2 years.”

– Dr Chow

“I sold my studio in One Amber through Darius, my exclusive agent and bought a 3 bedrooms unit at Sanctuary Green through him all within a month.

His strong network with other agents and knowledge of the properties pricing and layout in this area makes him highly efficient in both my buying and selling process.

Darius is a very caring agent.

He was concerned with my inconvenience of looking for a place to stay during the transition and ensure that it was not a problem.”

– Josephine

“Darius is one of the most efficient and responsive property agents I have worked with. I contacted him one morning after seeing an ad placement and he was able to respond that same afternoon with a shortlist of properties I may be interested in.

He is highly professional and took great effort to understand my personal requirements. As a result, I was able to find a unit that I like within a very short time.

During the time I worked with him, Darius demonstrated deep insight of the property market, unit layouts and price trends. Working with him has saved me a lot of time and hassle.”

– Mr Foong (Sanctuary Green Buyer)

“After discussing our investment objective with us, Darius suggested that we sell our 3 bedrooms unit at Water Place and invest the proceeds in 2 other properties, 1 for own stay and the other to generate passive income.

It is just as we wanted. As our exclusive agent, he is diligent in getting us the best possible offer and takes care of our interest.”

– Jennifer

“We have dealt through Darius many times, most recently being the sale of our property at One Amber.

He persuaded our tenant to move out without us having to compensate them and sell our property to a buyer who need the property for own stay.

He has been very proactive and flexible in negotiating a win-win situation for all the 3 parties involved. We had a peace of mind working with him.”

– Gina

“Darius was able to find a buyer for my Cote D’Azur unit within a very short period of time.

As the buyer’s offer and my asking price could not match, he took the initiative to find out when the buyer needs the property and proposed a delay completion such that I am compensated with the existing rental income to make up for the difference.

He is a very flexible and persuasive in negotiation.

I would definitely recommend Darius if you are looking for a reliable and effective property agent.”

– Tony Toh

“I was very impressed with you and your teammates from Powerful Negotiators.

You guys have managed to sell my place at my requested price in just 2 weeks and are extremely familiar with this project and has plenty of serious buyers on hand.

Darius, you are very candid, pleasant to work with and made no empty promises and had followed through the entire process even after the deal has been concluded to ensure a smooth transaction. Thanks and keep it up, Darius and all of you in Powerful Negotiators.”

– Mr Terrance Foo

“We recently bought a unit at Water Place through Darius. He is very familiar with the units available for sale in the Tanjong Rhu and explains why he thinks a particular property is a good buy after each viewings.

He patiently showed us various projects and constantly update us of good units for sale.

We are happy with our purchase and have benefited from his expertise and “real-time” pricing information in this area.”

– Eunice