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In Singapore, the Right Property Choice Can Make A Difference To Your Wealth Portfolio

Let’s find the best one for you and your family.

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My Real Estate Services

I’ve been an active agent in the Singapore real estate market for more than 12 years. That means I am someone who is regularly on the ground – having conversations with homeowners, buyers, investors, sellers and tenants.

HDB Upgrading

HDB can be your first pot of gold. But only if you know what to look out for. Here I share some insights on upgrading from your HDB flat.

HDB Resale

Looking for a bigger HDB flat? Or perhaps you wish to downgrade to a fully paid off HDB flat? Learn how to navigate the HDB resale market.

District 15 Residential Property

I grew up in the East Coast. I also started off my real estate business here. Here I share my opinions and opportunities in this area.

Private Property Resale Market

In Singapore, the private property resale market is active and vibrant. It is also where the most profitable and loss-making transactions happens.

New Launch Properties

Are new launch developments really as profitable as what agents make it out to be? Here I share what you must look out for.


In Singapore, the relationship between our CPF monies and our property is closely intertwined. Here I share on how to be smart about this.

Being A Property Consultant

I sincerely believe a property is firstly a home and a shelter for us and our loved ones.

But it is also the most priciest item you will ever purchase in your life.

That’s why I believe it is critical to seek out some guidance and advice to make sure you are on the right path in achieving your financial goals.

Case Studies

There is no better way to showcase my depth of experience than through actual case studies of clients I have served.

From HDB upgrading to private property downgrading, to building a strong cash reserve fund for retirement to even simple paying off of your property loans – I have assisted various clients in achieving their goals.

Property is an asset class as well as a home. It can boost your retirement nest egg or absolutely wreck it. That’s why making a right property choice is essential.

I have helped my clients accumulate a million dollar retirement nest egg through property.

Helped them secure the costs of their children’s education till tertiary level

Positioned them well to capture future gains in their property

Helping them get a dream home that they never thought was possible

Clients’ Testimonials

We really didn’t expect that what started off as a curiosity when we saw Darius’s FB advertisement. That eventually sparked a move to upgrade us from our HDB to a Freehold penthouse that is within 3-mins walk from MRT.

Darius helped us understand how a right asset can help our family create wealth to meet the needs of our children’s education and our retirement. His proposal is well-thought and executed. – Darren & Alice
(from a HDB 4-room flat to a penthouse unit in DXX)

Latest Articles

I write regularly to share my thoughts and insights in the Singapore real estate market. Microtrends do show up from time to time – presenting an opportunity for those who are positioned to capture it.

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