Case Studies 2


Client #11: From Hougang HDB to 4-bedroom EC in Punggol

This couple upgraded from a HDB in Hougang to a 4 bedroom Executive Condo in Punggol. Like most HDB upgrader, they have their concerns on their affordability, are they over-leveraging or over committing, are they ready to upgrade, what if the price of the property dropped after they upgraded etc.

Looking back, I am truly happy that together, we were able to discuss and address all their concerns.

Today, not only are their children able to enjoy the condo facilities, they also have a paper gain of approximately $200k to $300k. Their previous HDB will never be able to achieve this for them.


Client #12: From HDB to Private Condo

This young family was referred to me by another client. They tried to look around but were not very sure and rather hesitant as they do not want the upgrade to affect their current “care-free” lifestyle. Also, they didn’t see any project they find compelling.

After few rounds of financial calculation and discussion to understand their preference, we were able to very quickly work out a budget and from their found a place in the east that they really like.

Their property was sold in less than 2 weeks of marketing.


Client #13: From HDB to Private Condo

So many times, we are creature of convenience, and this is exactly what this client of mine has to overcome.

This family used to stay in a HDB block just next to a MRT station. From the house to MRT platform takes less than 3 mins. Like most of us, this convenience became the biggest objection when I try to convince them to upgrade.

Really, so many times in life, we are not able to have the best simply because we stopped at the good and is unwilling to let go. Honestly, this convenience is really not easy to forgo if I were in their shoe.

Eventually, they did upgrade to an Executive Condo as the figures really make a lot of sense, the financial commitment is well within their means.